Am I a normal body weight/shape?

rachel 08/24/2017. 5 answers
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I'm 18 yrs old, 149 lbs and my height is about 5' 7.5". I know people who are the same sizes as me, but they can fit into a size 4 or a 6 (which is WAY smaller than me.) My measurements are 42-29-40 (last I checked my bra size was 34G.) I know that I'm not fat, but I'm also definitely not thin....

5 Answers

d 04/24/2017.

You have a top-heavy hourglass shape. It is uncommon, but certainly not "abnormal". At your height, 120-160lb is a healthy weight range. You sound like a size 8-10. Hope this helps.

USAFisnumber1 04/24/2017.

Use the BMI calculator below and see what it says.

sheloves_dablues 04/24/2017.

You have wide hips. But you're at a healthy weight, so I don't know what you're all uptight about.

Gert 04/24/2017.

No one with an *** that big wears a 4 or 6. No you're not normal. You're fat.

lala 04/24/2017.

At 5 / 7 I would loose 10 pounds

but if you like your body the way it is

its OK