I am a 14 year old boy and should I shave my armpits?

Anonymous 08/18/2017. 11 answers
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It is a lot of hair it has been been growing since I was 11

11 Answers

Joshua 04/18/2017.

No, do not shave your armpit hair. Armpit hair on a guy is normal, manly, and sexy.

ron h 04/18/2017.

NO! Men don't do that.

Zac 04/18/2017.

Shaving will probably make them very itchy. Trim if you feel you must do something.

Nobody 04/18/2017.

No, don't do that mate. It'll only make it worse. Just live with it

Mrs.Dimple 04/18/2017.

If you want to you should

Anonymous 04/18/2017.

Yes and don't forget your genitals and butt

Old Guy 04/18/2017.

Why bother? At your age you have more important things to concern yourself with

pit bulls bite 04/18/2017.

thats silly unless you want to do modeling

Salma 04/18/2017.

If it's uncomfortable, trim it or shave it.

Sarin 04/18/2017.

If you want to shave it sure thing. Just be careful dont cut yourself. Use a clean razar, and shaving cream.

Earl the Gearl 04/18/2017.

What does your fortune cookie say?