My boyfriend is pressuring me to masturbate for him but I am not comfortable ?

Anonymous 08/24/2017. 8 answers
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My boyfriend keeps forcing me to strip down and masturbate for him on camera, but I am not comfortable doing this... I don't enjoy masturbating much (Sorry if it sounds weird, but I'd rather have sex). Ever since I had been in relationship with him, I don't masturbate often... But he says he'll...

8 Answers

Groovy_Unicorn 04/24/2017.

Let him dump you. He doesn't love you at all if he's threatening you and forcing you something's like that.

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

You should masturbate for him, even if it's uncomfortable for you. What kind of a woman you are, if you can't satisfy your man with such a little thing... use vibrators and different techniques to please yourself.... Besides, it's healthy and natural.... Dumb Women these days

Chris 04/24/2017.

That's a abusive relationship!! He's giving you an ultimatum, masturbate on camera for me or I'll break up with you... Leave him he doesn't respect you or your boundaries!!!

TheOnlyK8 04/24/2017.

You do what you want to do, Its not up to him.

Athena 04/24/2017.

"forcing you" ?

And he is just a boyfriend ?

Yea, there is more to this story then you are letting on.

Tj 04/24/2017.

Have respect for yourself, do not do anything you do not want to do. He is not for you, If he will break up over this, he is a POS and is using you. He does not love you, you are there to let him use you. He is not the only guy out there, Find one that will respect you.

chrisjbsc 04/24/2017.

Do NOT do it!! He doesn't love you...

ANONYMOUS 04/24/2017.

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