My new baby corn snake keeps pacing back and fourth in his tank.. What does that mean?

Jacob Rountree 08/18/2017. 6 answers
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6 Answers

elemayoh 04/18/2017.



daniel g 04/18/2017.

Tank big enough? not too hot or cold? something to hide in/under? Hungry or thirsty?

Sometimes just no reason.

Anonymous 04/18/2017.

Exercising, searching for food, water, other snakes? Needs to be warmer?

Anonymous 04/18/2017.

the snake want out.

John 04/18/2017.

he has adhd, take him to the doctor for a prescription lol

VITTORIO 04/18/2017.

Hmm! 'Pacing?' Are you sure it's a snake?