What's your favorite movie trilogy?

Anonymous 08/24/2017. 31 answers
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Mine is The Godfather

31 Answers

aerosmith4ever1963 04/24/2017.

My Top 10

10. Batman

9. Superman

8. Raiders Of The Lost Ark Trilogy

7. The Dark Knight

6. Terminator

5. Jurassic Park

4. Back To The Future Trilogy

3. Rocky

2. The Godfather

1. Star Wars Trilogy

NPG Starlett 04/24/2017.

the original Star Wars trilogy (Episode 4-6).

Gentlespirit 04/24/2017.

Gone with the Wind

Marcus M 04/24/2017.

Jurassic Park trilogy

Watchman 04/24/2017.


Darumu J 04/24/2017.

The Matrix.

Jason Bourne.

Mission Impossible.

Abbott 04/24/2017.

The Creature from the Black Lagoon; Revenge of the Creature; The Creature Walks Among Us.

Mr. Smartypants 04/24/2017.

The Godfather trilogy was pretty good! Godfather 2 was the only 'sequel' ever to win best picture.

But if you ask me, I'd go with the 1st 3 Star Wars films (which are actually the 2nd 3 films. It's confusing.)

perfectlybaked 04/24/2017.

Maybe LOTR.

I would mention others but they are more than just three movies.

I guess maybe LOTR is if you count The Hobbit along with it.

hot.like.a.volcan0 04/24/2017.

The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness series minus the shitty Evil Dead remake...Love everything about the movies.

arnav 04/24/2017.

I have many

coffee 04/24/2017.

jurassic park

Inze 04/24/2017.

Karate kid is probably my favorite trilogy. As trilogies go it's pretty consistent. It's sequels pretty much maintained the spirit of the original.

Alli 04/24/2017.

The matrix

Harry Potter


Billy 04/24/2017.

Robocop and back to the future.

te 04/24/2017.

Harry Potter, hands down. That got me through high school

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

Rambo 1,2 & 3 without 4 & 5

Mr 04/24/2017.

The Dark Knight trilogy

Megumi 04/24/2017.

Samurai Trilogy

? 04/24/2017.

50 shades

Lili 04/24/2017.

"Blue," "White," and "Red".

I'll leave it to you to figure out which trilogy that is.

It's not American.

Weasel McWeasel 04/24/2017.

Back to the Future was very well done.

Tommy 04/24/2017.

For me, it is Star Wars. It meant a lot to me as a kid growing up and it still means a lot to me.

Simon 04/24/2017.

I love transformers!

Anonymous 04/24/2017.

-the hobbit

-the lord of the rings

-star wars

-dark knight


Wise Cracker 04/24/2017.

The Lord of the Rings

A.C. 007 the Panther 04/24/2017.

Star Wars Oringal Trilogy.

Phil Micrackin 04/24/2017.


Steven 04/24/2017.

The fist three star trek movies

Killmouseky 04/24/2017.

Of those mentioned supra, I'd definitely go with the Godfather trilogy. Most trilogies are dreck, & as a result, I generally eschew any movie that has a number at the end of its title. One of my favourite multiple movie was the six movies of The Thin Man series, made between 1934 & 1947 with William Powell, Mryna Loy & their lovable dog "Asta."

I call it like I see it 04/24/2017.

The Matrix.