Why won't my boyfriend defend me?

tina 08/25/2017. 8 answers
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First his neighbor spreads rumors im pregnant which isn't true and he doesn't care. Then our male coworker insults me in front of the whole staff telling me to stfu and that I'm annoying. Then our other male coworker today insults my work ethic calling me baby girl and a thot. Still nothing.

8 Answers

Grandpa 04/25/2017.

Why do you need so much defending? It seems like you are having problems with a lot of people, including your boyfriend.

Bill 04/25/2017.

Are you transgender......................why do so many folks dislike you?

Weasel McWeasel 04/25/2017.

sounds like a crappy boyfriend then.........or maybe he just wants you to grow some skin and ignore what idiots say about you.

Tim 04/25/2017.

Dump him.

katie95689 04/25/2017.


d 04/25/2017.

because he's gay

Anongirl1313 04/25/2017.

Girll stand up for yourself! Put your foot down and don't take anybody's ****. As for your boyfriend, dump that ******. You deserve so much better and nothing less.

Cortez 04/25/2017.

Cause he's a pussy. Get a new boyfriend or tell him to pull his head in and stick up for you.