If your friend/best friend had the same theme party each year , what do you do ?

Genesis 08/19/2017. 5 answers
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A. Go and have fun with friends & take pics
B. Stay at home and watch movies while your
friends are out partying it up
C. Send them a birthday shout out
D. Send them a birthday on Social media
E. Go to the party anyway cause you haven`t seen he/she in weeks
F. Buy them a gift and drop it off then , go...

5 Answers

Mark 04/19/2017.

Take it as a compliment. They may not be as creative

jeremyth 04/19/2017.

Just go with it. it is their party and they can theme how they want. Just have fun, these are memories you will be able to talk about later on in life....

Anonymous 04/19/2017.


If it was my best friend I would feel absolutely comfortable suggesting it might be fun to come up with other themes for the party together. However, if my friend insist that it be the same theme, I would support that decision. I certainly would not let something like that keep me from celebrating with my bestie.

Amy 04/19/2017.

It's up to you, it's your own personal opinion, it's what you want to do with your own life

Texperson 04/19/2017.

Quit all the questions. Go if you want to, stay home if you don't.