Anyone ever had an MRI of the brain? Do you wear a hospital gound or do you wear regular clothes? Any advice? Thanks in advanced.?

Andrea 08/25/2017. 7 answers
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katie 04/25/2017.

Yes you wear a hospital gown. And some advice is to stay calm. You'd be surprised how anxious you get while enclosed in a small space like that. You won't feel anything, and usually it doesn't last too long. Count backwards from one thousand in your head or him a song. Best of luck!

me 04/25/2017.

I've had at least four. None on my brain though. I have always had to wear a gown. I don't know how long it will take for you, and I've had some last an hour.

kat 04/25/2017.

Yes I have had 4 and all of them I had to put on a gown and pants, 3 of them were on my head and one was on my knee, I have watched movies during all of mine, this makes it a lot easier to keep from moving as it is really hard to keep still.

LiverGirl98 04/25/2017.

Always wear a hospital gown for a MRI procedure. Important to stay calm and if possible, have some soothing music to listen to as the MRI can be periodically loud (which some people find disconcerting).

ozboz48 04/25/2017.

I've had many. If I was an out patient, I wore street clothes with no metal, and no jewelry. If I was an in patient, I wore a gown.

Don't worry about implants. They are MRI safe.

Pat McGroin 04/25/2017.

Oh, you wear hospital clothes. I haven't had one personally, but MRIs work with extremely powerful magnets, so powerful that they will tear any sliver of metal out of your clothes, and out of your body if you have some sort of metal implant (doctors wouldn't let you take one if you have metal implants, though).

james 04/25/2017.