I give away 1 bag of clothes every year?

georgia 08/23/2017. 6 answers
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I don't shop so often but have my entire closet spilling over with clothes, i shop like 3-4 times a year but only the things which i need or looks good on me.
So i empty my closet every year which i have worn enough and is getting old, i give away to some needy people on streets.
How often do you empty...

6 Answers

Melanie 03/23/2017.

I take all my unwanted garments to the charity shops for them to sell on . many of the clothes have only been worn and washed a couple of times . I like to recycle everything that I can .

18 gibbs 20 03/23/2017.

Yearly. I donate to salvation army or goodwill

Anonymous 03/23/2017.

My business attire goes to an organization that helps needy women dress for job interviews. My everyday stuff is worn until no one would want it. I do my shopping by need not "just" a shopping trip for the sake of running the mall.

wHaT eVeR 03/23/2017.

I do a good clearing twice a year. I'm like you I don't buy a lot , but sometimes I buy something and well decide it doesn't look good on me I don't like the way it itches. So if its expensive and hardy or not worn , I take it to a consignment shop. A little cash is good.

Other stuff that I have had and worn and tired of yeah I give it to Good Will or Salvation Armey.

P 03/23/2017.

Thank you for the clothes. Can you please buy something a little warmer this year.

I only recycle my clothes when they're falling off.They go for rags

Askin Nakk Le Vaar 03/23/2017.

One bag?