Is it pronounced "Ed'nbuhrg" or "Edinbruh"?

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I could swear Scottish, Irish and English people say Edinbruh...

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Rona Lachat 04/23/2017.

Pick one you like and go with it.

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Edinburgers will appreciate you tried.

lenpol7 04/23/2017.

Yes !!! Definitely 'Edinbruh'!!!!

The name means the 'Borough of Edwin'.

Its old nickname is 'Auld Reekie' ( Old smokie) .

'As 'Ed'n burhg' is an American mispronunciation'.

Armouror 03/23/2017.

Ed In Bourough

try Auchtermuchty and where is enster (Anstruther)

Clive 03/23/2017.

Yes we do. Therefore it is correct.

Good Moaning 03/23/2017.

My family is British, they don't really feel Scottish or English, they feel mixed and everyone of them pronounces it 'Ed-in-bruh"

Tyler 03/23/2017.

The latter. British names are weird.

Ndifor 03/23/2017.

Yep, you got it right, Edin' bruh!

zirp 03/23/2017.

Edinburg come from "Edwin's burg", but I usually hear "ednbra"

You can probably check it here:
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John P 03/23/2017.

In southern England and in BBC news broadcasts people say "ED-in-(buh)-ruh". Definitely 4 syllables, or at least three and a half syllables. Definitely no "g" sound, just as in "thorough". In fact, if you stitch "Edinb" onto the front of "thorough, and drop the "th", you get the sound very well.

Just listen to a news report featuring the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

Moons 03/23/2017.

2nd one

nuclearfuel 04/23/2017.

It's 'Bruh, bro.

Michele 03/23/2017.

this is yahoo languages, not yahoo geography... take up another hobby!

miffy 03/23/2017.

"Edinbruh" is correct.

Yorrik 03/23/2017.

I believe in Glaswegian it is pronounced 'Embrah' with a long E. . .m - brah sort of sound.

The first sound a but like a set of bagpipes with a puncture.
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Gerri R 03/23/2017.

Both pronunciations are probably correct. It depends on what country you're from and what part of that country you're in.

For example: in the US, people pronounce things differently in the North than they do in the South. They also pronounce things differently in New York than in Michigan.

Northerners say: You all and Southerners say Y'all. Northerners say Crayfish, Southerners say Crawfish.

White people pronounce things differently than black and Hispanic people. Asian people pronounce things differently to.

If someone comes to the US from France or Germany, they might still be in the habit of pronouncing the letter W like we pronounce the letter V in English, because in those languages, that is how the letter W is pronounced.

In the US, we say things differently than people do in Canada, people in Australia pronounce things differently than Canadians and British people pronounce things even differently than the other countries.

So both pronunciations are probably correct.

Celia H 03/23/2017.

Edinbruh, and Enbruh if drunk.

Lili 03/23/2017.

Most non-Scots I hear pronounce it with four syllables: Edinbur-uh.

However, the Scots seem to go with "Edinbruh" -- three syllables and NO hard "g" sound at the end.

Michael 03/23/2017.

This is Yahoo Languages, NOT Yahoo Geography. Take up another hobby!

Hsquared 03/23/2017.

The "gh" is silent like it it in rough and tough so Edinbruh is correct

Jack 03/23/2017.


Jimmy C 03/23/2017.

Edinburuh. There are four syllables. If you say it quickly it sounds like three.

Laurence 03/23/2017.

My Londoner mother called it "edinboruh" and even insisted that "Edinborough" was an alternative spelling, but every other non-American I have ever met in my 88 years has called in "ed'nbruh", with a trilled R if they were Scots.