Im in my swimsuit around the house, what is my husband thinking?

Kary 08/18/2017. 8 answers
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8 Answers

michael 03/18/2017.

He is thinking he wishes he was watching the game with is buddies at the titty bar.

PeekaBoo 03/18/2017.

he wants to watch you doing it with another woman that's what he wants you to do

Ed 03/18/2017.

Husbands usually think with the little head, so why not just ask him?

ใ€€๐Ÿ‘ฅโ˜ฅโ™กโ˜ฎใ€€ 03/18/2017.

ใ€€ .

ใ€€ Does She have two tickets to paridise isle.

ใ€€ she wore an itsy bitsy - tiny winy pokada-dot string bikini ...๐ŸŽถ

ใ€€ โ™ซ ... off the Florida keys, there's a place called kokomo, ...

ใ€€ If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain ...๐ŸŽต


ใ€€ Little surfer little one , Made my heart come all undone ...

ใ€€ At the copa Copacabana The hottest spot north of Havana ...

ใ€€ You know she's my summer girl You know we're havin' fun ...


Happy Gramps 03/18/2017.

he likes the "camel toe".................V

myfavouritelucy 03/18/2017.

He's thinking 'why is this loser under the impression anyone cares?'

sam 03/18/2017.

he wishes that you would drown, because he like the woman next door

Olivia 03/18/2017.

"When did we get a pool?"