How does driving overseas work? How does a car with a steering wheel on the wrong side work?

Anonymous 08/20/2017. 9 answers
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I live in an island nation, so...

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G. Whilikers 03/20/2017.

The pedals and steering wheel work the same but the turn signal may be on the other side.

This may offer some insight:
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And here's a piece on driving a wrong-side car in one's own country:
[ Link ]

dallenmarket 03/20/2017.

Other than getting used to having the controls on the opposite side, vehicles in left or right hand drive configurations operate the same. The biggest problem is the drivers having to remember (and especially to respond in emergencies!) the rules of the road for the country where they are driving. IE: Have a tire blow out in the U.K. requires pulling to the left to exit the roadway while in the U.S. (or most of Europe) you would pull to the right.

The original Peter G 03/20/2017.

It works just the same, you turn the wheel to the left or right to steer. The only issues are possible reduced lines of sight at junctions, and having to rely on the "wrong" mirror when pulling out to overtake

DR + Mrs Bears face 03/20/2017.

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thebax2006 03/20/2017.

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Bill 03/20/2017.

Which side do you think is the wrong side? In most cases, the driver sits on the side of the car closest to the middle of the road.

Paul 03/20/2017.

driving over seas is when they load your car into a ship transporting it over seas. And a car with a steering wheel on the wrong side drives just like a normal car

ratarded 03/20/2017.

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John 03/20/2017.

All countries have there own driving and traffic laws. As for the differences between cars with the steering wheels on the left and right sides, there are no differences except that all the driving stuff is on the other side.