Did you know that there are no cinema houses in Saudi Arabia, and you can't sell a Valentine's Day Card there?

Anonymous 08/20/2017. 5 answers
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Believe it or not, it's True?!?

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5 Answers

Anonymous 03/20/2017.

Sickening what Islam does to even the richest Country in the Middle East.

I'll fight Islam from coming into my country till my last breath.

Mintee 03/20/2017.

did you know what you posted is an outright lie.. and you've never set a toe inside Saudiarabia to know anything.. I have lived here over 17 years.. Yes they have a cinamas. not the kind that you went to in USA to see hollywood movies, but they have science based movie theaters that show documentary shows, animal shows, etc.. AND yes, they do sell the occational valentines day card.. they also sold roses, chocolates, hearts this past Feb 15th... whether Islam is for or against it.. It did happen, so dont go posting stuff you have no earthly idea about..

Maria S 03/20/2017.

Are we shocked that Saudi is a shathole?

Anonymous 03/20/2017.

My cousin worked there for decades building and running a desalination plant.

He said even after 27 years when he drove out of the American compound he always had the feeling of landing on another planet. A socially backward, oppressed, weird planet where Saudis only got to be (semi) normal behind closed doors.

Ruchjat Kosasih 03/20/2017.

Yes I know and it is true