A local nursing home has a yearly barbecue for its residents. Which food item should not be served?

SUZETTE 08/20/2017. 7 answers
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7 Answers

Diane A 03/20/2017.

sounds like a homework Q not a real Q, this should reflect back on what you have been studying, what does your book say? Its not a great Q if they are trying to make a point.

D 03/20/2017.

In general hot dogs are discouraged as they are associated with numerous choking incidents. Beyond that, it would depend on the dietary restrictions of the particular residents.

jannsody 03/20/2017.

Please check with the clinical nurse supervisor as to whether any of the residents have food allergies, especially nuts, which may result in anaphylactic shock, even from the mere smell of nuts.

DR + Mrs Bears face 03/20/2017.

As we have no idea whether any residents have any allergies we have no idea what may not be served. In any case if a resident cannot eat something they can choose something else. There is no need for everyone to go without.

Them 03/20/2017.

Avocados and tiny bits of meat.

JohnnyBravo 03/20/2017.


SUZETTE 03/20/2017.

Rare Hamburgers