If I worked 2 jobs this past year will I get more or less money back in taxes?

Anonymous 08/18/2017. 9 answers
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Bostonian In MO 03/18/2017.

One or the other. If you worked them both at the same time it's entirely possible that not enough tax was withheld and you will OWE when you file.

Judy 03/18/2017.

How many jobs you worked has no effect. Your tax is the same if you made the same amount total from one job or 12, and if you had the same total withheld and everything else was the same, your refund would be the same. When working multiple jobs at the same time though, it's common that people mess up their W-4s and and up not having enough withheld so they end up owing.

Pascal the Gambler 03/18/2017.

More or less than what? You'll get what you are entitled to. Normally, people don't set their W4's right when they have 2 jobs and the refund is small or they owe some.

tro 03/18/2017.

the more you make the more they withhold, the more you owe and unless you had more withheld than you owe, there is no refund

StephenWeinstein 03/18/2017.

Usually less.

Actually, usually someone with two jobs screws up the withholding and gets back nothing and owes money to the IRS. (When you have more than one job, you are supposed to claim fewer allowances on your W-4, but, based on the other questions I have seen here, Yahoo! Answers users don't seem to follow this rule.)

Max Hoopla 03/18/2017.

Maybe. The answer to vague questions is always Maybe

MadMan 03/18/2017.

It depends on what you put on your W4 forms.

Judith 03/18/2017.

How many jobs you work has nothing to do with it. You get money back if you've paid more in income taxes than you should have. You control this by how many exemptions you claim on your W4 forms. You want money back? Then claim zero. You want to owe income taxes - claim 1 or more depending upon whether or not you are single, married or have children.

amy lynn 03/18/2017.

You will get back whatever amount you overpaid.

More money typically means more taxes. You will owe more taxes because you made more money.

The amount of your refund is based on how much you overpaid the taxes you owe.