Living poor can't get a job living with parents?

Anonymous 08/20/2017. 15 answers
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single male can't get a job because there aren't any in my city. it's frustrating and some people i like already have a job and they not an adult yet . i just stay home and play video games because got no job no girlfriend. it's so irritating I am not living life

15 Answers

B 03/20/2017.

apply for jobs in or around your city, at least ten per day, perhaps a goal

thegreatone 03/20/2017.

It sounds like you're ranting to us instead of trying to figure out what to do.

liberalized 03/20/2017.

Many young adults can't find jobs after graduating from college so they have debt and they live at home

Some start another career or others start a business

tro 03/20/2017.

it is too easy to play the video games, you haven't done enough to find work, or create something that someone needs that you can do

Candle 03/20/2017.

So there are no jobs in your town, yet you know people who already have jobs who are not yet adults? How did these people get nonexistent jobs??

LindseyS499 03/20/2017.

If you're old enough and you really want to work then try signing up with a few temp agencies.

Have a look at on line job sites like

If you have any employed friends, ask them if they wouldn't mind having you work for them and if they could look into getting you a job at their work place.

I'm sure there's jobs out there for you, either you don't know how to look for them or you're getting lazy from playing too many video games.

Judith 03/20/2017.

Just how old are you? When I graduated from high school at age 18, I left home and moved to Wash DC. Had two suitcases with clothes and personal care items. Did clerical work for under $4000 a year (1964).

Find it hard to believe you can't get a job in fast food. Save some money, move to a city where there are more jobs, get a roommate (I had roommates til about age 24) and rent a small apartment.

Instead of sitting at home and feeling sorry for yourself.

Kevin 03/20/2017.

Young adults under the age of 18 tend to believe that adults are against them no matter what and they don't listen to those who are willing to help them. Does this sound familiar to you?

VITTORIO 03/20/2017.

Hmm! No imagination nor character huh? That won't help - try joining the democrats, they'll keep you busy with thousands of others just like you!

queen bee 03/20/2017.


Kennen 03/20/2017.


Anonymous 03/20/2017.

Join the military, or look into trade schools in your area. Get off your duff, put down the video crap, and get your act together. No one is going to do it for you.

Womansworld 03/20/2017.

Go out and try harder it's the only way

Ofekol 03/20/2017.

Try to find an online job. I'm sure you'll manage. Good luck. Live strong.

Lolers 03/20/2017.

"i just stay home and play video games because got no job no girlfriend"