Jessica 08/21/2017. 6 answers
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I've recently went natural 2 years ago. My scalp has always been dry, I have 4c hair . I just need tips , advice or trick on how to keep my scalp moisturized and relieved from itching from excessive dryness.

I wash my hair once a week. After I wash it my scalp gets so dry and itchy.

Please Help.

6 Answers

Molly 03/21/2017.

Perhaps you could buy shampoo and conditioner for dry-scalp, hopefully that will help clear it up, try it out for a week and see what happens. You could also buy a shampoo and conditioner that targets itchiness as well.

I also feel that it's best to treat dry scalp with a leave in conditioner and hair masks that you leave on of a day or night so that you're giving your hair extra moisture where needed. Coconut oil shall also help you out too, so many people have raved about it.

When you have a dry scalp, most of the dead cells are stuck there still you wash it, and maybe washing it once a week may not be enough, you may need to wash it twice a week instead. Though I'm not a dermatologist so I can't tell you how much you should wash your hair, but I do know that when your hair is on the dry side of the scale, the solution is always moisture and freeing up build up will help too.

Hopefully this has helped you :)

Kir Kos 03/21/2017.

It sounds to me that your shampoo or whatever you're using to wash your hair with is too harsh on your hair and scalp. I think you should try an all natural shampoo/cleansing conditioner. Some good brands that I love are Bella Curls, Briogeo, and SheaMoisture. To also condition your hair more deeply you could also try moisturizing your scalp with a type of oil. In the late winter months my scalp always gets dry and itchy, so I always use coconut oil. The coconut oil has many benefits for the hair including protection from the sun and weather, prevention of split ends and breakage, prevention of lice, fungal infections of the scalp, and has also been known to speed up the growth of hair. For this you are going to want to saturate your hair with the coconut oil. It doesn't matter if your hair is clean or greasy. Make sure it is close to dripping. I would suggest putting your hair in a bun and tying a plastic bag around your hair. Leave it in at least over night. I like to leave it in all weekend. Wash as usual in the morning. If you are one to hate somewhat oily hair, it might take you 2/3 washes to thoroughly get it out of your hair. I usually just wash it once, because the oils are good for your hair anyways.

DEEDEE 03/21/2017.

I don t know what your shampooing your hair with but try African Black soap. Shea moisture has it in bar and liquid form. After shampooing use Shea moisture s African Black soap purification mask. It s softens and moisturizes ur hair plus will heal your itchy scalp.

You might also want to try using an oil on your scalp daily, like coconut, olive, grape seed or jojoba oil.

Desmond 03/21/2017.

Scalp I hate it they use to trouble me when I'm young, I used alota cures try shave the affected area then apply close up leave it for about 30min after that wash it off, continue this method for a week you will testify the goodness

Sur La Mer 03/21/2017.

"My scalp has always been dry, I have 4c hair"

KNOW & UNDERSTAND your hair texture:

Type 4: Kinky

Most African-American women have this hair type. It has extremely defined curls which are tightly coiled. There are also three varieties: K4a, K4b and K4c.

- K4a has a tightly coiled “S” pattern to it.
- K4B/C is more wiry with a zig-zag pattern.
- Kinky hair is driest of all types.
- It is most fragile of all other types.
- Has very little elasticity.
- It breaks very easily.

If your hair is NATURAL, they wouldn't be so dryER & itchIER. I have a feeling, your hair must have heat and/or chemicals, otherwise, your scalp wouldn't be ITCHY specially if you're washing your hair weekly.

Dry scalp skin lacking the protective oil layer, is vulnerable to infections, and easily gets irritated. From the top of the head or hairline skin cells in the form of white dust (dry dandruff) may shed.

Common causes of dry flaky scalp are:

1. Holding hair dryer close to the head

2. Cold windy weather in combination with dry air from indoor heating

3. Even the sun is drying and causing skin to get flaky & itchy. Same with hair. Wear a hat or bring an umbrella.

4. Chemicals on your hair.

5. Washing your hair with hot water.

BTW: People with scalp problems should visit a dermatologist and discuss hair products, along with other possible factors. Doctors can do allergy tests on patients to analyze as many as 55 potential allergy triggers. It’s important to look at all potential causes of symptoms, rather than looking at Internet chat rooms alone. If you have an itchy scalp that is persistent, seek prompt medical care to talk with your medical professional about your symptoms.

I had itchy scalp once last year. I went to a dermatologist, but she took a look @ my scalp and found nothing there, but she did said: "whatever you're doing to your hair, you have healthy hair care, continue doing that! You have beautiful hair!" Her hair is brittle because of the hair dye. I have noticed, though, that when I blow dry my hair, the hair dryer was too close to where my itchy scalp was, so I try to make it a little farther than before, and my itchy section of my scalp went away.

Chris 03/21/2017.

Try coconut oil, and your doctor can probably help with some kind of medication.