What are the biggest advantages of staying single (for a man)?

Anonymous 08/19/2017. 8 answers
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Are there more advantages than disadvantages?

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chickenwing 03/19/2017.

Less stress,less obligation, more acess to available women, more financial security and more happiness.

Ofekol 03/19/2017.

It really depends on how you look at it. More money for yourself.

Lolers 03/19/2017.

you get more money

Desmond 03/19/2017.

No disturb

Mystique 03/19/2017.

Why does it matter what gender you are? It's the same for both.

You can travel whenever work allows.

No one to disagree with (unless you become a parent).

You can switch jobs at a moment's notice and know the only one you *might* be hurting is yourself (if you desperately need that money for rent/food/bills...but if you've saved reasonably well, you can live for a month or so while you look for that new job).

Your money is yours. Once rent/mortgage and other bills are paid off, you can do as you wish with any money left over at the end of the pay period (again, unless you become a parent).

That's about all I've got at the moment....

Them 03/19/2017.

Big advantages. You get to chase all the women you want - you just can't get sucked into marriage. And if you're careful you don't have any children. And when you get old and ready to die, you don't have anybody "taking care of you"!

ksgentleman70 03/19/2017.

Advantages: Your possessions are your own. Your money is your own. You aren't tied down to one area and can move without strings holding you back. No children to draw upon your money over the 18 years of living with you. Your free time is your own.

Disadvantages: Not having a family to call your own. An empty home as you get older. No wife to care for you if you get ill or injured. Having the feeling of calling a place 'your home'. Missing out on raising children of your own...and there is a big life experience in doing that (however, having kids is not for some).

Amy 03/19/2017.

I think for men and women it is better to be single than to be in a marriage with the wrong person. However, if you are a mature adult and you can find another mature adult that you can share your life with the benefits are many and irreplaceable.