How to address a letter to someone in a flat in London?

Jazzy 08/14/2017. 12 answers
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I live in the US and want to send a surprise to my friend in England. I don't want her to know or be suspicious so I can't just randomly ask her for her address. I found her building on google and I know her flat/apartment number, I just don't know how to properly address it. If someone could give me a...

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Underground 03/14/2017.

Name, Surname

10 Downing Street





PAMELA 03/14/2017.

You put her name,flat or house number, the road that that is in, and the postcode helps, go on to the royal mail website and go to the " find a postcode" you put the address in and the postcode will come up.

Mercury 03/14/2017.

I hope your surprise will not include customs charges.

Anonymous 03/14/2017.

Example......Mrs A Person, Flat 4 Thatthere Towers, Buckam High Road,LONDON SW81 7YT,UK. Technically if KNOW POST CODE could have Flat number and post code and it would arrive!

Skoda John 03/14/2017.

You need the building number or name plus the street name.


A Another

Flat 2

16 Auckland Road



SW11 1EP


Once you have the address the Postcode can be found from the Royal Mail site.
[ Link ]

Adrian 03/14/2017.

You forgot to ask what the zipcode of London, England is.

Yorrik 03/14/2017.

All you need to ensure delivery of a letter or card to someone in UK. . . .

Flat/Apartment/House Number

Street Name



You can get the postcode of anywhere here in UK by using this link. Type in the street name and house number etc.
[ Link ]

Sample - 8 Buckingham Palace Road London
[ Link ]

Clive 03/14/2017.

Hehe, what a fun idea!

Your resource for this is [ Link ]

In Battersea, the address won't include "Battersea" but it WILL include "London". You have the number, you've found the building on google (so you know what the name of the building is, right?), you know what street it's on, and that should be enough to make that site work - after all, you have nearly everything already. If it works, it'll give you the full address in the exact format - copy that EXACTLY and you can't be wrong.

Being in Battersea, the postcode is most likely to start with SW11.

So what you will get is something like

Flat X

Name of Building



SW11 1ZZ

I live in a flat and this is what my address looks like. Now add her name at the top and UNITED KINGDOM at the bottom. Yes, London is in block capitals and that's the correct way to write the "post town".

If it's going to be more than a letter, you must consider Customs. You go through Customs when you travel to another country, and so does the post. To send more than a letter or a card, you need to attach a Customs form to it and fill in what's in it and its value. If it's worth more than £15, Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs may well slap VAT (our version of sales tax) on it and it won't be delivered until your friend has paid the tax - so not quite so much of a nice surprise, especially as the standard rate of VAT is 20%. There are, however, a lot of things with no VAT. Books are one so I've ordered American books from and never paid a bean. But what is or is not zero-rated is very complex and it can drive accountants mad (I know, I AM one!)

And even if it's just a letter, it's going abroad so a normal Forever stamp isn't enough. The total solution is to take your letter to a post office. They can tell you exactly how to do it, and give or sell you whatever you need.

Edit - well done for thumbing down a correct answer.

blackgrumpycat 03/14/2017.


Flat number

Building name (if there is one)

Building number and Street Name



Post Code

United Kingdom

If you don't know the post code, use the post code finder on the link.
[ Link ]

As an Example

Miss J Smith

Flat 23

Hashtag Building

3 Anywhere Street



SW99 8PQ

United Kingdom

younosygit 03/14/2017.

Use the Royal Mail postcode finder at to get the precise address, but it will be something like:


Flat 1,

15 Smith Street,


SWxx 3AA

(Battersea is in the SW11 to SW20 postcode areas)

or possibly:

Flat 1,

Something House,

15 Smith Street,


SWxx 3AA

or possibly:

1 Something House,

15 Smith Street


SWxx 3AA

(The "3AA" is just an example of the "outbound" part of the postcode). The Royal Mail site will give the exact form of the address to use.

Desmond 03/14/2017.

Dear Sir,

Guru Hank 03/14/2017.

Your friend may get stung for import charges by the customs and excise, and also be charged extra by the Post Office. Best not to send 'surprises' internationally unless you have checked exactly how the charges will work out.