If I cross the Canadian border by car, will they turn me away if I don't have insurance? My car is registered and everything in my name.?

Strong 08/18/2017. 8 answers
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Obi Wan Knievel 03/18/2017.

If CBSA finds out you're driving an uninsured vehicle, and they are allowed to check, they'll have your vehicle towed and impounded on the spot.

Driving without valid insurance is against the law in every province, and in every state that borders Canada. All it takes is the reasonable suspicion of an illegal act for your application for entry to be refused, and you're thinking of actually committing an illegal act.

When a whole group of us were refused entry into the USA because one of us (the owner / driver of the vehicle) had a criminal violation in his past, the guard said "buddy, I can refuse your application because I don't like your haircut". I looked it up after I got home, and he was right. Anyone can be turned back at a border crossing for any reason, and the "I had a funny feeling" reason is considered valid. Never give a border official a reason to refuse your application. Never.

alan 03/18/2017.

No they won,t chk any of that, But you had better have you passport,or your not getting in..

Entidtil 03/18/2017.

You won't be allowed into Canada without insurance on your car.

thebax2006 03/18/2017.

So you drive illegally in the USA with no insurance and think you can get away with that in a Country that won't even let a person with one DUI into their Country? Have a fun trip!

bo 03/18/2017.

driving a car w/o insurance is dangerous especially driving in another country. recommend you don't do it

Desmond 03/18/2017.

They will

g 03/18/2017.

Canadian border officials won't give a ****, numbnut, but Canadian law enforcement sure as hell will.

If your vehicle is not insured your vehicle can't be legally driven anywhere. Period. Buck up and pay up or stay the f*ck off the road.

micheal 03/18/2017.

They may or may not ask for proof of insurance. However, if you get pulled over for anything, the police WILL ask for it. If you do not have insurance, your car WILL be impounded till it has insurance on it.