(Men only please!!) Do you see women as possessions? Be honest please!?

crystal 08/19/2017. 11 answers
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Phrases such as "get the girl" "my girl" "my mrs" just kinda sound possessive although sweet

11 Answers

SombattOne 03/19/2017.

women are a depreciating asset.

Ofekol 03/19/2017.

"I am yours and you are mine" is a very romantic line. Some people got phrases out of that and it just became a figure of speech, I guess. I don't see women as possessions, and I hope I never will.

Freedom Returns 03/19/2017.

Yes I do She is Mine Mine Mine

That's My Woman

Get your own woman

Hands off of My woman

The way I see it being Possessive = Love

if I didn't Love her I wouldn't give a damn about her and some other guy could have her

If I want her all to myself and to monopolize her than it means I love her

That is what Love is Like for Men you want to monopolize her monopolize her body monopolize her heart her love everything you want to own everything you want her all to yourself and no one else

you don't want to share with anyone

VITTORIO 03/19/2017.

Hmm! Does seeing them as a buffet count?

GRANDE ARMEE 03/19/2017.

Forget all that politically correct "post a nice answer" crap, yes I do. She's my woman, I'm her man.

Anonymous 03/19/2017.

I bet you don't have healthy social life.

Mike 03/19/2017.

Instinctually, sometimes yes, or in other words, when i let my peter dictate my thinking

Mandrake 03/19/2017.

Of course not.

The use of possessive phrases doesn't mean that you're actually claiming a right of property ownership over the subject.

When you say that a song is "your jam", you're not claiming that you own the song.

They're expressions of endearment, value, and personal investment.

Fusion 03/19/2017.

No, but that may explain why none of my relationships have worked out so far, although I have never had a woman be the one to leave me.

ironman 03/19/2017.

Yes. But this is true about all relation.


No, I don't see women as possessions, those phrases you mentioned don't necessarily mean someone is property