Is it normal to want to kill your friends?

Anonymous 08/14/2017. 5 answers
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I have lately done a lot of thought on morality and when my friends do anything that contradicts my personal moral compass, (such as enjoying overly violent movies/tv shows etc), i think about killing them since I perceive what they enjoy as evil or immoral. Is this normal?

5 Answers

Disciple of Truth 03/14/2017.

No, that is demons baiting you.

Mars Mission Soon In A Galaxy Like Yours 03/14/2017.

please stop doing that ok?

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Ofekol 03/14/2017.

I'm not sure. If you just think about it and don't actually do it, I guess you're just somewhat of a sadist inside yer head. If you want to talk about this to a professional, don't say kill, say hurt.

VITTORIO 03/14/2017.

Hmm! Friends are few and far apart, why waste them?

RWPossum 03/14/2017.

I'm sure that you don't literally mean you want to kill them. It's the people we love the most that are most likely to make us angry, because we want them to be great. What you just have to do is remember that your values and their values aren't exactly the same. Because their choice of movies is different doesn't mean that you have nothing in common with them and it doesn't mean that they have no sense of right and wrong. You must know of some good qualities they have or you wouldn't be friends with them.

A wise man once said that you should always look for what's good in people.