My name is bonita and i have question in regarding ISREAL ?

Anonymous 08/22/2017. 9 answers
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My name is bonita , and im a Hispanic, me and my family no doing good here in America, but i wanted some information about how to get to isreal without America jealousy. I never really like it here to begin with in the first place. What had plan for my family is not America way . So i don't want to sleep...

9 Answers

Kevin7 03/22/2017.

Verified nonfelon Jews and some of their nonfelon non-Jewish relations have an automatic right to Israeli citizenship,the law of the return.NonJews without Jewish relatives can also become Israeli by working, studying or living in Israel.There are Spanish and Portuguese Jews known as Sephardim

Anonymous 03/22/2017.

Pray, be gentle

Local Machine 03/22/2017.

I can guarantee you bonite we won't be jealous at all. Not one bit .

Anonymous 03/22/2017.

So , you are no longer pretend iranian , now you are pretend Mexican. I think you would be better to pretend dead. It's very easy you just lay still and STFU.

13th guide 03/22/2017.

Your lack of ability to cope will follow you where ever you go.

Yoel Cohen 03/22/2017.

It is a lot harder for Jews in Israel than America. The economy is quite competitive and very hard work in any field unless you are willing to make it work. Unless you are being supported by a job or working for a job from overseas.

Can you speak hebrew? If not you will find life very difficult because Israelis in general don't want to deal with non-hebrew speakers. Everything is a fight when you have problems (its the only way to get anywhere with the Israeli mentality comming from an english speaking country or spanish one). You have to chase everything up and know what you are doing. Only go if you can stay or live with someone/have made plans. Never deviate from them, if things don't work out go back to the states.

Jews find it very challenging transitioning into Israeli society. If you are not Jewish then it's a pipe dream unless you know what you are doing (most likely visa).

I will join IDF soon. I am Planning my next move... 😁

Simple Simon 03/22/2017.

We all know your "real" name is Lord Ehrlichmann, AKA fake Rabbi and recently another lord something.

What a fall, from a lord to the house keeping lady....

How Zionists did it to you?

Foofa 03/22/2017.

Assuming you're Jewish there will be no "America jealousy" should you be able to immigrate to Israel. If you're not Jewish however you'll face a difficult task in proving to Israel that you're necessary to its societal integrity (as is the bottom line in any kind of immigration).

Kitty 03/22/2017.

Why would America be "jealous" if you go to Isreal? That's just a stupid thing to say. You don't want to "sleep" outside your culture you SAY, but what are you going to "sleep" in Isreal? Do you think it's overflowing with Hispanics? I'd be willing to bet you won't find even one living there and I SERIOUSLY doubt that you have a "good" job waiting for you as it's an extremely poor country. Isn't the goal to have a better life than you would have in your own country,? Why would you want to go somewhere where you'll have a harder life? It's a question of adjustment and also, where you live in America that makes all the difference. I'm American but have been nearly 15 years in Mexico and for the first 10, I hated it here. Now, they couldn't pay me to leave, this is where I will die.