Are the Steiner Brothers hall of fame worthy?

NONAME 08/21/2017. 6 answers
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Shaun 03/21/2017.

One of the most sucessful if not the most tag teams of all time. They deserve to be in the HOF but it is up to the powers that be in the WW.E,. There might be a little foot dragging because a lrge part o thiere succes was in WCW.

? 03/21/2017.


18 gibbs 20 03/21/2017.

On my opinion, no.

〆DaViD〆ЦЛDξRTΔKΞR〆 03/21/2017.

Of course they are, one of the greatest tag teams in history.

Cleo 03/21/2017.

They are worthy of being in the hall of fame but it won't be happening because Scott Steiner has bad mouthed the company so many times and he has real heat with Triple H so the odds of it happening are low.

William 03/21/2017.

I would say No