The tip of my tongue is numb after I got it pierced?

Lucius 08/21/2017. 5 answers
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So I just got my tongue pierced yesterday, I ve had my tongue pierced before and had the same issue. The tip of my tongue is numb and tingly. I can barely feel it when I bite down on it. I m not super worried because I ve heard about this happening to a lot of people but I m just wondering if this is normal? The...

5 Answers

ash0444 03/21/2017.

Don't listen to everyone's replies jeez, they're rude. Your tongue piercing is a way you wanna have or be expressed so good for you, flaunt it!

Okay so it's completely normal that it is all numb for the first week but after that the numbness and swelling should go down. It depends on the time from person to person, mine took only a couple of days to back to it's normal size.

Hope this helped xx

Im The Situation 03/21/2017.

I dont care

karen 03/21/2017.

You know WHAT IS NOT NORMAL ??? getting your tongue pierced. I would never kiss anyone with a tongue piercing. By the way, moron, EVERYBODY has a lot of veins in their tongue.

Gonorrhea 03/21/2017.

ur gonna die LOL (lots of love)

Kitty 03/21/2017.

It should fall off for you being so stupid to do something like piercing your tongue.