Did you disliked going to England in 80s~90s?

Anonymous 08/20/2017. 12 answers
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because there were many IRA attacks.

Many people didn't liked to go to England to travel, business, pressure, work.

In around 00s. IRA attacks stoped. But there were still terrorist attack from Bin Ladden.

12 Answers

John P 03/20/2017.

I an British. I worked in Britain in the 12980s and 90s, in a government dept which was liable to attacks by the IRA. We took precautions as advised by our department. I am still alive, as are the huge majority of my fellow workers.

PAMELA 03/20/2017.

So? the british people just carry on with their lives, we go where we want to go, do our normal business, to do anything else means that the terrorists win, i lived in london all through the 70's, 80's, 90's, i had a bomb go off just near where i lived,shattered all my windows,after a couple of nights staying with friends i came home, got my windows fixed and got on with my life.

Mercury 03/20/2017.

Load of rubbish they were a few IRA attacks. Life went on as normal then as it does now.

canada bear 03/20/2017.

Islamic attack 2005 ! Life carries on ,it has to .

Enough Trolls 03/20/2017.

You have zero comprehension of the actual threat. Life went on as normal, it still does.

Anonymous 03/20/2017.

No as a kid, in NORTH WALES, I crossed the STREET daily into CHESTER, England without being killed....If we thought about daft things like this would never leave the house!

Armouror 03/20/2017.

Noo I went to London IN SPITE of the IRA when the Irish Filth the "I Ran Away " (IRA)

they Bombed harrods i was there the next day they Bombed Margaret in Brighton i was there the next day

the Filth Murdered one of the Nicest men on the Planet Earl Mountbatten Of Burma

If I had My way i would have sunk the Prison ship once Full of the Filth

the Final straw for the I ran Away was 9/11 the New York Irish stopped Funding the IRA and the Murders almost stopped

Maxi 03/20/2017.

In "England" 13 in 20 yrs ? One in the city I lived in, I heard it on the news, didn't stop anyone traveling, going out or doing anything.......

"England" only got a tiny taste of what was happening daily in Northern Ireland!............and whatever the IRA did it never stopped life there either, British are made of stronger stuff to let cowardly terrorist stop them

"In around 00s. IRA attacks stoped" Because the IRA's cease-fire and them realising that running around killing people didn't get what they wanted

RR 03/20/2017.

Just like today, 99.99% of people in England in those times only knew about terrorists from hearing about it on the news.

Gonorrhea 03/20/2017.

no i ******* loved it cuz i wasnt born

Guru Hank 03/20/2017.

You have never been to the UK. And you never will. Dream on.

snafu 03/20/2017.

We've lived with terrorism for decades. However actual incedents were few and far between. Growing up in that period was a great time, so I can't really relate to your question.