Why do black people treat one another so badly?

kate 08/21/2017. 8 answers
Social Science Sociology

I noticed that black people don't respect one another. There was a black lady that was holding a bag and a black girl was standing there and as she reached near her she pulled her bag to the side like she thought the black girl was going to take something from her bag. I even noticed that people would move away...

8 Answers

Mortal Dimunitive 03/21/2017.

Self loathing

Ace 03/21/2017.

I will tell you something there is a generational problem not with blacks but with everybody else but it is seen easily with the blacks. Old school/ generation blacks were hard working and religious people with a strong respect for themselves, modern blacks are lazy people who thinks work is bad and they are owned something but old blacks beleive that working hard and they will change others view of themselves but new blacks do not beleive this

? 03/21/2017.

Stay out of this. Do not go there.

The Illegalist 03/21/2017.

In this hierarchical system so many people are desperate to look down on someone else and their life to validate their own, people blame the poor, homeless, black, immigrants, or whatever, and almost everyone is too busy looking down at others they forget to look up and kick the whole elitist ladder down on it's face, with it's snobbish attitudes to boot.

Centrist Shenanigans 03/21/2017.


Lacy555 03/21/2017.

White people do it also or maybe you've never left your home.

Maybach 03/21/2017.

Okay, so you took those situations and came up with the conclusion that black people in general don't like each other because they're black? I gotten come across these types of questions often about why do black people do a certain thing based upon an incident that involves a couple of black people. Someone would see an individual black person do something then automatically think that they all do the same thing. Yet, white people do the most insane acts and they are treated as the individuals they are and not placed upon every white person. Whites love doing mass shootings and killing each other and the question of white on white crime never come up. Whites love to kidnap, child molest, do hardcore drugs and the question of why white do any of those things ever come up. White people can see one black person throwing trash on the ground then ask why do black people litter. They can see another white person do it and not ask that same question pertaining to them as a whole. Smh.

Aima Wiiner 03/21/2017.

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