Is it possible that Adolf Hitler was not evil, but made himself look evil to the world?

Asad 08/21/2017. 8 answers
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I may be wrong, but I think he made himself look evil so his actions can be set as an example and fear, of what not to do.I feel like he took his actions to the extreme, so the future generations of German citizens and the groups who wish to create conflict with Germany would rethink multiple times, in fear of...

8 Answers

Armouror 03/21/2017.

No he approved of the Holocaust that had 15 million Civilians Killed

he Murdered his own dog

he had 2.2 Million Horses Killed

and he blamed the German people when he Lost WW2 now that is evil

Doc 03/21/2017.

He was evil incarnate.

Gigapie 03/21/2017.

Yes, you are wrong. You are also psychotic. See a doctor.

Athena 03/21/2017.

You know, this is why you are home alone in your mother's basement instead of out on a date or with other people.

Just saying . .

Anonymous 03/21/2017.


Louise C 03/21/2017.

He was not putting on an act, he certainly believed in what he did. But he could not have done the things he did without a huge amount of support, Millions of germans supported his actions with enthusiasm, and were only too willing to carry out his orders.

Aima Wiiner 03/21/2017.

Everyone is their own good guy

I took a dump and smeared the poop on the side of a Mcdonalds

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izizy 03/21/2017.

Is it possible that George Washington secretly just wanted to teach the Brits American strategies, so they could strengthen themselves and return 350 years later?