I kinda want an editor to edit my crappy gay smutty stories?

Nina 08/20/2017. 5 answers
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Okay so I'm like, not a very good writer at all. But I write everyday about like two gay dudes ******* and every time I read it over, I legit cringe at my own writing lmao. I dunno my chapters are just rushed or there is to many commas or I keep messing up too and to. And when I try to edit I make it even...

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MsBittner 03/20/2017.

Save up your money, then. I happen to know, what, four? Maybe five editors who specialize in erotica and erotic romance. They work for erotica publishers and freelance on the side. They know what they're doing. And of course they are not free.

I would guess that the aspects of your writing that allow you to judge it as awful aren't related to the fact that it's got sexual content, though. Most bad writing is not related to the content at all. You would probably do well to take classes in creative writing, join critique groups that meet face to face, and get experienced eyes on your writing that isn't erotica. (Which you might have to create.)

I guarantee the goofs and weaknesses people note in your other writing are part of the reason your sexual stories are terrible.

And since I don't want to get into trouble with Yahoo, I urge you to wait until you're a legal adult where you live, then purchase top-quality gay erotica from legitimate erotica publishers. Read lots of examples that show you how it's done by the pros. I recommend L.A. Witt, Anna Zabo, S. A. Laybourne. (None of them is me, for the record.)

Steven J Pemberton 03/20/2017.

Editors who can make a visible difference to the quality of your prose cost money. If you don't have money, join a critique group. This is a group where members post their stories, usually a chapter at a time, and the other members comment on it. They don't fix your story for you, but they'll find most of what an editor would find, in return for your doing the same for them.

Yes, this means you need to read other people's stories and figure out what's wrong with them (or at least, what you don't like about them). Learning to do that in a way that makes your comments useful will teach you skills that will be valuable for editing your own stories. When you do eventually have the money to hire an editor, it should be cheaper than it would be otherwise, because your manuscript will be in a better state than one you could write now.

Billy 03/20/2017.

Do you mean like this?

Okay, so I'm, like, not a very good writer at all. But I write everyday about, like, two gay dudes fuсking, and every time I read it over, I legit cringe at my own writing—lmao. I dunno. My chapters are just rushed, or there are too many commas, or I keep messing up "too" and "to." And when I try to edit it, I make it even worse.

I dunno, man. I think I want an editor, but I need an experienced one, not to mention I'm a broke-aѕs teenager who wouldn't be able to pay for one anyway. I also don't want, like, my whole entire writing to be altered completely just to make it look good.

I need advice. Please help me.

cooling1981 03/20/2017.

Tina Belcher is that you?

Anonymous 03/20/2017.

Send it to me, i'll edit it for you.