Aussies. Is there any similar political party between Australian Labor Party and Hitler's Party?

Uncle Bob 08/17/2017. 10 answers
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National Socialist German Workers Party? For example Hitler chosen Labor over Capitalist Party. What's ypur thoughts?

10 Answers

Henry Lee Lucas 03/17/2017.

i wish we had a leader like hitler a good ethnic cleanse of australia starting with you slav cvnt

Brigalow Bloke 03/17/2017.

Pauline Hanson's mob of idiot populists and conspiracy theorists are the closest.

voice 03/17/2017.

No the Turnbull Coalition

Warlord Moneybags 03/17/2017.

Hitler would have put most of them in jail for subversion.


Armouror 03/17/2017.

that would be the Greens they will do anything to get Power

Anonymous 03/17/2017.

Yes the Socialist Alliance Party

Shazzbot 03/17/2017.

There are stark differences, not similarities. The current ALP has no effective leadership or vision; they are beholden to the global parasites that Hitler tried to liberate his citizens from. Hitler was a utilitarian leftie. The ALP are less cruel and less shamelessly corrupt than the LNP, but they're not genuine lefties. Democratic socialism is preferred to national socialism, but the former is easily hijacked by capitalists. Jeremy Corbyn in U.K. Labour seems to be a genuinely good leftie, seeing as how often and instantly he's accused of being anti-Semitic when he takes on social injustices and party corruption.

zafir 03/17/2017.

There are no similarities between the ALP and the National Socialist Party. The ALP is left wing, whereas the Nazis were an extreme right wing party - there is no common ground between the two.

sir cnqaus 03/17/2017.

The enduring misnomer of far-right simpleton populism.

Round Eyes™ ® 03/17/2017.

gee that's a tough one . Bush is the ultimate capitalist but where did they get the money

and with the liberal fascists how the F can you come up with this BS