Opinions on the name Cassio for a boy ?

Grace Costello 08/19/2017. 11 answers
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11 Answers

Munchkin 03/19/2017.

I don't care for it.

ron h 03/19/2017.

sounds pretty cute. Which makes it not a good man's name.

aloha.girl59 03/19/2017.

Like the old Walkmans from the 80s? LOL

t๏ครtเє 03/19/2017.

Reminds me of the brand of calculator Casio. I don't like it.

ʛ ɨ ŋ ʛ ε я 03/19/2017.

I love Cassius, Casper, and Caspian, and I'm fond of Lucio, Antonio, and Emilio... but Cassio doesn't do it for me for some reason. Which is also odd because I really love Cassia for a girl as well.

There's nothing intrinsically wrong with the name though, it's Shakespearean and has a nice sound. Maybe it would grow on me.

. 03/19/2017.

sounds like the brand of calculator

perfectlybaked 03/19/2017.

Reminds me of the Japanese electronics brand.

Hailey 03/19/2017.

I like it!

Garfield the Cat 03/19/2017.

I don't like it, sorry

SUSAN 03/19/2017.

very unmasculine.

conley39 03/19/2017.

It's not a name I would choose for a child.