How can I be a beautiful mom when I have kids someday?

Anonymous 08/23/2017. 8 answers
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I also was wondering if I should get hazel eye contacts?

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Anonymous 03/23/2017.

Maintain good eyebrows and hair (do NOT get hideous short hair or a bob, they age you and are unattractive on all women! do not let your hair get frizzy or grey or greasy), take good care of your skin, do NOT get fat or flabby so maintain your figure, dress well and avoid mom jeans or frumpy clothing, no need to wear makeup to be attractive honestly if you do the above, wear some light makeup at most to look natural. That will keep you attractive as even a mom...

its always pathetic when people wear colored contacts. Extreme insecurity is unattractive. Its always obvious that the color is fake up close, everyone can tell. Natural colored eyes are more attractive...

Anonymous 03/23/2017.

don't have kids if your so into your own self this much

Aleta 03/23/2017.

When I clicked on this I thought you were already going into the grandmother stage

Ed 03/23/2017.

Your motherly instinct will kick in and you will be just fine. Just let someday be in the not so near future.

Anonymous 03/23/2017.

Fùck off "Banana" that's not even you.

JohnnyBravo 03/23/2017.

the prequisite is to be attractive

Anonymous 03/23/2017.

You have to be a beautiful woman before you can be a beautiful mom

Eat healthy and exercise. During your pregnancy, don't go crazy eating crap and gaining tons of weight. You only need to gain 25-35lbs during pregnancy if you are of average weight. If you are overweight already, you only need to gain 18-25 lbs. Too many people use pregnancy as an excuse to eat like a pig, eat lots of junk and put on 40+ lbs then can't take it off.

After you give birth you need to exercise to get the weight off. Put the kid in a stroller and go out for at least 1 hour a day for walks, rain or shine. You don't have to do it all at once, you can do 2-3 shorter walks a day. And focus on healthy eating after birth especially if you are breastfeeding, because whatever you eat is being passed on to your baby.

Moisturize your skin and minimize heat styling for your hair to keep it healthy looking

Chelleby 03/23/2017.

You can't, and no.