I need a few opinions on baby names! Recommend some also.?

Ari 08/20/2017. 9 answers
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I've always had a weird taste in names, so please be respectful even if you are opposed.


Tuscany (Love!)










9 Answers

rebecca 03/20/2017.

I love Tuscany. But then again, I love Rhapsody, too. I am not into Austen or August for a girl. Ruby is okay. Andi is okay, but I fear it will not age well. I love Finn, Dawson and Graham. Atticus is all right if you want people to think you have only read one book or as a middle name.

layla 03/20/2017.

Ruby and Graham are nice

Violet 03/20/2017.

I think Tuscany would be better for a pet, as opposed to an actual girl who will have to grow up and live with that name. Austen is bleh, so is August. Ruby is gorgeous. Andi looks like a misspelled nickname.

Atticus is kind of overused at the moment (especially by people who have never actually read To Kill A Mockingbird), Finn is quite cute, Dawson is a surname and Graham is my 50 year old Uncle's name.

Overall, I think Ruby and Finn are adorable.

Natalie 03/20/2017.

I like August a lot for a girl! Austen is also kinda cute.I like Finn and Atticus from the boys list. I like the uniqueness of the names you like!

t๏ครtเє 03/20/2017.

Andi and Ruby are okay for girls (though I think Ruby is a bit too cute). I love August for a boy but have no strong feelings about it for a girl. Might be nicer with a girly middle name, but then again, middle names aren't used. I dislike Tuscany and Austen. If you like place names I'll suggest Sydney, Odessa, Dakota, Adelaide, or Osaka? Atticus irritates me, it sounds pretentious or something. I love Finn, Dawson is nice, Graham is okay but outdated. Suggest: Winn, Wesley, Fletcher, Flynn, Lawson, Fraiser/Fraser, Fisher?

Laney 03/20/2017.

I like Ruby. but that's it. I hate boys' names and 99.9% of place names for girls. The boys' names are not my style.

Anonymous 03/20/2017.

Boys names no bad.

Dawson, Graham and Austin I like for boys.

Girl names not crazy about.

Ruby is the best.

I met a girl name Ashby, I never met a male or female except her with that name.

conley39 03/20/2017.

August would be fine for a boy, but not a girl. Ruby and Graham are fine.

JoyaSee 03/20/2017.

I like Ruby and Dawson.