Was this funny for me to say?

Jay Quell En 08/24/2017. 6 answers
Society & Culture Etiquette

So I work at a nursing home where I have to be the weekend receptionist a few times a year. A family member saw my name badge and asked are you Dr. Brown? I said yes after 12 years of medical school I come in on weekends to answer the phone and write residents names on the back of the mars. She said well it...

6 Answers

Anser 03/24/2017.

I hope you didn't waste too much time thinking that story up.

Cogito 03/24/2017.

If you mean was that ridiculous story amusing or clever, no, it wasn't.

It was very childish, immature and totally pointless.

CrustyCurmudgeon 03/24/2017.

I enjoyed it. Hope there are no repercussions for you.

susan 03/24/2017.

To you, maybe. Not to me. Not to her.

Pearl L 03/24/2017.

maybe not to her, it sounds like you scared her

vivienne 03/24/2017.

Did u try to tell a funny story? U failed