Why were/are jews hated so much worldwide?

Anonymous 08/15/2017. 6 answers
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When you look at the history of the jewish people across the world, its interesting to see how hated they were. Seems that virtually every area of the world they encountered persecution through progroms expulsion etc. What is the reason behind this?

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bn4md 03/15/2017.

There is a lot of power in being able to manipulate people, and one of the most effective manipulating tools is "sympathy". By getting people to feel sorry for you, you're able to slip in under their radar and exploit their sense of humanity and generosity.

This is what the Jews excel in and it's why they actually encourage the persecutions.

You need to understand something, tho. It isn't ALL of the Jews who are doing this - most are peaceful, generous and believe in helping their fellow man. It's the Zionist Jews that have all the control - and they're not above throwing their own people under the bus to get what they want.

A few cases in point: Between 1905 and 1939, the Zionist Jews published propaganda throughout the world media and claimed that there were 6,000,000 Jews being persecuted in (name of country), and that they were being threatened with extermination - unless people sent money to help them. They raised millions of dollars this way.

Another case involves the control they had over Germany in the wake of the Versailles Treaty. During the 20 years or so, prior to Hitler taking over, the Zionists controlled the economy, the media and much of the government. When Hitler took over and passed the Enabling Act, it kicked all of the Zionist Jews out of these positions of control, and this is why they declared war on him.

The following letter to the United States Embassy is from the German Jews, explaining that most of the claims about the way the Jews were being treated in Germany was not true. The Zionists used the false claims of bad treatment to get world-wide sympathy and further their agenda.

"To the Embassy of the United States:

"We became aware of the propaganda in your country about alleged cruelties against the Jews in Germany. We therefore consider it our duty, not only in our own interests as German patriots, but also for the sake of truth, to comment on these incidents.

"Mistreatments and excesses have indeed occurred, and we are far from glossing these over. But this is hardly avoidable in any kind of revolution. We attach great significance to the fact that these authorities, where it was at all possible to interfere, have done so against outrages that have come to our knowledge. In all cases, these deeds were committed by irresponsible elements who kept in hiding. We know that the government and all leading authorities most strongly disapprove of the violations that occurred.

"But we also feel that now is the time to move away from the irresponsible agitation on the part of so-called Jewish intellectuals living abroad. These men, most of whom never considered themselves German nationals, but pretended to be champions for those of their own faith, abandoned them at a critical time and fled the country. They lost, therefore, the right to speak out on German-Jewish affairs. The accusations which they are hurling from their safe hiding places, are injurious to Germany and German-Jews; their reports are vastly exaggerated.

"We ask the US Embassy to forward this letter to the US without delay, and we are accepting full responsibility for its content. Since we know that a large-scale propaganda campaign is to be launched next Monday, we would appreciate it if the American public be informed of this letter by this day." -- Reichsbund Judischer Frontsoldaten, e.V (Jewish Association of German ex-Servicemen)

You'll not find this in the history books for obvious reasons.

The page it came from is in the following link. You should check it out - it has other historical proof on how it was actually the Zionist Jews who caused and perpetuated the war.

[ Sweetliberty.org Link ]

Louise C 03/15/2017.

because they were a visible minority in the countries they settled in. Keeping their own customs, religion etc, made them easy to pick on. Also a certain amount of envy was involved, a higher proportion of jews tended to be successful in business, science, medicine etc than among the general population,

Gigapie 03/15/2017.

Because of people like you, turdbucket.

larry1 03/15/2017.

Intelligent, attractive, rich, and better than others.

Ambistoma 03/15/2017.

When the medieval Church banned Christians from the banking industry, Jews filled the vacuum, and it's common for borrowers & lenders to resent each other.

L. E. Gant 03/15/2017.

Jews tend to be rather clannish, and make it hard to assimilate them into a social system. So, after a while, they stand out like sore thumbs.

Ever wonder why it's so hard not to pop a pimple or burst a blister? Same thing....