I have a credit score of 644 and my co signer has a credit score of 617 is that good enough to purchase a vehicle at a dealership?

Daisy 08/22/2017. 7 answers
Business & Finance Credit

7 Answers

smahadevan39 03/22/2017.

Seems to be reasonable anyhow other parameters like repaying capacity, amount of the loan etc.

roderick_young 03/22/2017.

The cosigner won't help if that is their score. With a sufficient down payment, you should be able to finance a vehicle at a dealer. But that doesn't mean you should. Personally, I hate dealers, and hate financing. I'd rather save up in advance and pay cash, even if it has to be a used car.

JenWales 03/22/2017.

Your cosigner has to have the credit and resources to pay for the car if you don't. Someone with a 617 won't qualify.

MadMan 03/22/2017.

Your co-signer is of no use with this credit score.

Judy 03/22/2017.

Unlikely that someone with 617 score would qualify to cosign.

Bob 03/22/2017.

yes - at a high interest rate

Robt 03/22/2017.

IF you asking here, NOPE.

Hopefully ur parents can explain reality and WHY locally.