Why are designer clothes so expensive?

Anonymous 08/21/2017. 7 answers
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Do they make it with different fabrics? Does the fabric come from God?

7 Answers

Prof Moriarty 03/21/2017.

Not really. Most alleged "designer" stuff is not designed by the person who's name is attached to it.

It is expensive because people are stupid.

Look up any famious designer. They ALL have degrees in business. Almost none have degress in fashion design. They are just matketing tools.

In fact some do not exist. Dorothy Perkins is a made up "designer". Most are paid figure heads.

As a rule the quality is better than Wal-Mart, and much better than fake stuff. But there is little difference between a non "designer" premium brand and a "designer" brand.

The stuff is a terrible investment. After the season ends, and the new models come out, the same stuff can be bought at the official outlet for 1/3 the price.

Btw: Rolex, Adidas, Coach, are premium brands, but NOT "designer". Notice that there is no person's name in the brand. "Hanna Montana" is a "designer" brand even though the Miley Cyrus had nothing to do with the designs.

Fucksupreme 03/21/2017.

Material, demand, quality

michael 03/21/2017.

It costs a lot of money to stroke your ego.

Ed 03/21/2017.

So that the designers can maintain their expensive way of life.

John 03/21/2017.

it's because they're designed by someone famous. they know they can charge more simply because that person designed the clothes, so they do

kelvin 03/21/2017.

your paying for the name

shroud 03/21/2017.

because you and others pay that much

the clothes at best may cost a little more because of material or design

but because it has someones name on it or of a certain brand, fools are willing to pay more

some even brag about how much they pay thinking it makes them appear rich and classy