I'm in my 20s and I am attracted to 70s years old men. Is there something wrong with me?

Anonymous 08/17/2017. 5 answers
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kevin 03/17/2017.

honestly idk why any woman would want to be with a guy. 70 yr old men are more gentelman like it would seem. no man i ever saw was physiclaly atractive even when i try to put myself in the mind of a girl. i just cant fathom it. so maybe my opinion doesnt relate. but maybe u want someone who will care aobut u and love u like a best friend . not a physical relationship. just an idea. i am not looking to date and i know im not ur age but im saying that just in case u wer thinging that. if u want a friend im here. but no dating . is gross

Dusky 03/17/2017.

No. Lots of young women like older men.

PETER M 03/17/2017.

There's nothing wrong with you because I'm a male in my 70's and I could handle a woman in her 20's and would love to be hooked up with an attractive woman in her 20's. It's good you're attracted to men in their 70's as there are lots of men who would jump at the chance to sow their wild oats with an attractive woman in her 20's. There's nothing wrong with you so keep on looking for a man in his 70's and maybe our paths will cross and I'll be that man for you.

? 03/17/2017.

You want to be a golddigger? I hope not.

Anonymous 03/17/2017.

You secretly want to have sex with your Grandfather.