What would be your first thought if you woke up from a coma?

Starshot 08/21/2017. 13 answers
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13 Answers

I miss MJ and I'm Bad 03/21/2017.

Where am I, how long was I in a coma and where is my family.

Neha Patil 03/21/2017.


18 gibbs 20 03/21/2017.

Where am I?

Robot Robert 03/21/2017.

Who did this to me?

Natasha 03/21/2017.

All the pizza and coffee i could have had during this time, dang it

Jugram Haschwalth 03/21/2017.

My first thought will be:" how am I still alive?"

Bear 03/21/2017.

I was in a chemically induced coma for 9 days,and my first thoughts were 'Where the f*ck am I'?,and 'Where's my motorbike'?

DeathDealer 03/21/2017.


Blue Sky 03/21/2017.

Someone get me a cheeseburger and beer!

Metallic Anarchist 03/21/2017.


Tom Mustang cat 03/21/2017.

What happened to me ,and what day is it.

Anonymous 03/21/2017.

Damn, my boss is probably gonna dock my wages.

A ® 03/21/2017.

Where the eff is my whisky?