(Lunch Atop a Skyscraper) does this photo gives you anxiety ?

Roy 08/21/2017. 5 answers
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fhotoace 03/21/2017.

Not at all.

Those workers were adept at working safely on "high iron".

The same holds true with other workers who from time to time need to work on towers and other places which are hundreds of feet above ground.

Some of us actually jump out of perfectly fine aircraft and free fall for 60 seconds or longer.

1521845469 03/21/2017.

No, because the workers look enjoyable when they talked with each other.

that_gamer 03/21/2017.

No way. That's one of the better ways to spend a lunch break.

Frank 03/21/2017.

No. A little known fact. The photo is actually a composite. Yup, it's a fake - Photoshoped 50 years before there was a Photoshop.

Monica 03/21/2017.

It looks horrible. Photos don't really bother me,but if it was real life and not a photo I would really freak out and panic. I absolutely hate heights.