When is the best time to travel to Japan with myboyfriend?

Marta 08/21/2017. 7 answers
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He and i both love japan sooo i was wondering when is the best but cheapest time to fly !

7 Answers

thecheapest902 03/21/2017.

I think the best time is late-March or early-April because you can see cherry blossoms.

Quinn 03/21/2017.

That depends on where you are flying from. You need to provide more information.

michinoku2001 03/21/2017.

October is nice, shoulder season for ticket prices but lots of nice sunny days in Japan.

Madame M 03/21/2017.

September is pretty cheap and good, especially if you manage to go late enough to miss typhoon season. Hit and miss.

The school holidays (about 10 days on either side of April 1, late July and early August, late December and most of January and Golden Week which is from April 28-ish to May 7-ish this year). Avoid these if possible, or book super-early.

Never-Again 03/21/2017.

Best and cheapest are often like oil and water.

The best time to go to Japan is spring and autumn. The dead of winter is often the cheapest but there is less to enjoy.

A lot depends also on where in Japan. In Hokkaido there is cold weather well into May.

luddite 03/21/2017.

The best time is spring and autumn, but obviously these are not the cheapest times to travel.

Paulh 03/21/2017.

avoid public holidays such as New year, Golden Week (end of April, first week of May), Obon period in mid-August. Your travel agent should be able tell you low-season fares. In general its cheaper the earlier you book and pay for your tickets.