Some people say Hillary lost because of her gender, Do you believe that was also the case aside from being wrongfully characterized?

? 03/12/2017. 9 answers
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That America would never elect a woman. I refuse to accept that as truth. She was the best man for the job.

9 Answers

Judy & Charlie 04/15/2017.

Today on the news, it is reported that a Facebook photo of a man "humping" the Brave Girl Statue on Wall Street that was erected for Women's Day has gone viral. This is an all time LOW for American men and an example of how much they hate women and children in America.

And so, yes, just as most Americans predicted, Mrs. Clinton was vilified because of her gender when all of the innuendo, phony scandals and lies about her didn't stick.

I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH HATRED FOR WOMEN IN THIS COUNTRY AS I HAVE SINCE DONALD TRUMP and the Republican War on Women took root in this country. No wonder women are taking to the streets......did anyone think we would just sit back and take it?

American men are at an all time LOW!

honestamerican 04/15/2017.

Only some say that like Hillary!

However they ignore that if the primaries had not been rigged she would have lost the nomination! She and her supporters also ignore the way the party treated Bernie delegates and their volunteers at the convention! Like did you know that the DNC had white noise machines over the states where Bernie won? Did you also know that they hired seat fillers to stand in front on the Bernie supporters?

Wuluph 04/15/2017.

Her campaign was full of lies, cheating and corruption.

Anonymous 04/15/2017.

[ Link ]

This is why she lost.........

? 04/15/2017.

no if she was a man she wouldn't have even mad it into the top 2 loads of her voters just voted for her because she was a women

Liberals sequester from fact 04/15/2017.

Hillary is a scandalous politition with blood on her hands. Maybe that's why she was never electable.

Anonymous 04/15/2017.

Summertime, "Some people say" is how fake news frames their lies.

Choose your words wisely.

Your friend,

? 04/15/2017.

No, she had too many other character flaws and 25 years of schemes, scandals and scams. We did not want Bill, the pervert, disbarred lawyer, back in the White House so he could shill for more money for them both like he did when she was Senator and Secty of State. They are crooks and criminals.

? 04/15/2017.

Not only because of her gender, but she also broke the law. In my opinion, neither Trump or Hillary should have one. Trump is very rude to woman (I know this because my friends mom was kicked out of an elevator and let her dad stay in, Donald kicked her out) and Hillary deleted a lot of emails that could have saved many people's lives. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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