Can I slurp noodles in Little Tokyo?

R00NEY 08/22/2017. 5 answers
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It would be ironic if I couldn't do this.

5 Answers

thecheapest902 03/22/2017.

It's your personal matter if you slurp noodles or not.

FC91 03/22/2017.

Little Tokyo is in America. Despite the irony, slurping your food in America is pretty rude.

Boyaki 03/22/2017.

There's nothing little about Tokyo.

R00NEY 03/22/2017.

Los Angeles

curmudgeon55 03/22/2017.

Yes you can. whether the other diners will consider you Gaigun/barbarian/uncouth/slob depends on rest of diners culture. Shanghai Chinese, Cantonese culture accepts the slurping as gesture of approval of taste of noodles. Japanese cultures vary from working class, salaryman class, student class. 'Little Tokyo' is common term for areas of Japanese tourist shops- which actual city are you referring to?