Boy, Nightwolf is sure brave until you call him out, huh?

Magic 8 Ball 02/17/2017. 5 answers
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5 Answers

Punkin eater 03/30/2017.

He's got the sense to not call someone out on here.

Oh, no he doesn't, ,,,nevermind.

Ernest S 03/30/2017.

Who appointed you to call any out?

Why do Atheists always resort to personal calumny?

Black Wolf Rage 03/30/2017.

You've never called me out...I don't mind being wrong.. Unlike atheists

Matthew 03/30/2017.

Sorry I don't pay attention obsessively to other yahoo answer members, that's an atheist thing.

Yummy Elephant Candy 03/30/2017.

maybe he's afraid of bright light - Download Hi-Res Songs