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So my friend wanted to finish this show on netflix so i gave her my netflix password just to finish the show but now shes using it for watching more movies and even started a new show so how do...

My grandma has plugged her fridge into a power strip because she ran out of outlets in her kitchen, right now she only has one other thing on the power strip, like a toaster or something, and then she has...

I'm really confused... Does this kind of stuff happen to anyone else or am I the only one who sees myself when I look in the mirror?

My parents met at a bar when they were younger and hit it off. I get bummed out I never asked girls out growing up (although I did ask one girl out in middle school but she rejected me and...

Last year, my dad put up a firewall in our house so that my sister and I could concentrate on homework better without the distractions of YouTube, Reddit, 4chan, and stuff like that, and so that the Wifi shuts off...


I am a Christian and I am curious about this. I know off-hand the Word says in the Last Days/End Times people will be lovers of "vain amusements" (Timothy 3:4). There are Scriptures that says Christians should stay away from...

I can't cook and have to rely on other people like my mother. How do you guys make food and still have time for everything?

i heard cancer makes you lose weight

Favorite Zombie Movie??

Anonymous today at 01:24. 6 answers Entertainment & Music Movies

Preferably VR enabled

My laptop wont turn on guys what do i do?

I just want to tell the stupid SJW's that the confederate flag is NOT a sign of racism! It it a sign of Southern pride. It is no different than gay pride. I am proud to be black and from...

his Christianity there no hell & devil & sin & he say all those evil things GOD did in bible are lies & more here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4bKEYcC5gM

Do you like lobster?

CrazyCaramelLatte today at 01:05. 5 answers Dining Out United States

Would you rather prefer to be sexually intimate and be in physical relationship with a nice woman rather than a man who is overly hairy? Even if he shaves and waxes everything?

Ex: you own the business.

I`m not talking about a web site for business I want to know how to make a silly & clever page like the one here I don`t know who made it but it`s cool http://www.yyyyyyy.info/

Even water with human waste in it?

Do herbs cause tumors?

Henry today at 00:37. 4 answers Health Diseases & Conditions

Just now some disgusting man GLANCED at me and I feel uncomfortable Im gonna charge him with sexual assault...or is this severe enough to classify as rape?

Why did my puppy sniff my face and then whine?

Anonymous today at 00:34. 8 answers Pets Dogs
I was half asleep when my chocolate lab jumped on my bed sniffed my face and then started whining. Why did she sniff me and then whine


I started dating a guy who’s a lawyer. I was arrested and went to court for theft around 10 years ago. It was genuinely a case of wrong place wrong time and I was found not guilty. Would he be...

Giannini plans to do an additional 15 to 20 years of research — “I love my job!” she wrote. But she said over the past 15 to 20 years, it had already become harder to obtain federal funding, “I jumped...