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English iziqna

Those pink panties must be all wadded up.

Check out Ainsley's Bible Study with Ainsley Earhardt. All the women at studying scripture are gorgeous.. .. compare that with Elizabeth Warren or Hillary Clinton. Yuck.

I was sitting alone on a bus, when a woman boarded the bus and sat next to me. I immediately opened the window, because the woman wore so much perfume.

Most of the scientists I know of - Einstein, Feynman, Sagan, Heisenberg, Schrodinger, Fermi, Bohr, Curie, Pauling, Dirac, etc. - none of them were even remotely fat. Even today I don't really see too many obese ones. Why?

If you believe in god, That's fine. But don't come up to me in the street and tell me that god has spoken to you and ask me to consider your religion. Why is this allowed?

I don't mean suing for money, but my sister-in-law hates children, does not want children at all and wanted her tubes tied. There are no laws that say she can't get it done and her insurance covers it with certain...

And is it true that someday the continents of our planet will join together?

Someone actually answer my question for once

I'm looking for a story in the old testament about a woman who died giving birth to her son and when her son got older, he went to visit her grave and heard her speak to him. Thanks.

It was all ordered off the Internet

I'm feeling....pretty self-destructive...... I don't really care about others or myself, in all honesty. I just don't want to go to Hell. And since I can't choose nonbeing, I would like to undo or reverse my birth. So I don't...

I am celebrating my 34th birthday.

sometimes men say it to random women on the street. im seriously wondering why though? it seems like men hate to see women with a straight face or a grumpy face. im just wondering cuz i would never tell a...

People are getting very upset about people who don't want vaccinations for their kids. Some people don't want foreign substances injected into their kids, in case it turns out that it was not safe.

What have they ever done for Aussies? Why are they allowed to sell our country just to line their own pockets?

My roommate has hardly been the best, but either way we ve been friends a long time. When we first moved in, I was there two weeks prior to him moving in, even though we agreed on a set date....

I didn't ask to be here I should have the right check out if life anytime I feel like.

I hate having brown eyes?

Powerpuff today at 08:02. 8 answers Beauty & Style Makeup
I find them super boring. Like these are mine:

Plus the Supremely Intelligent one & The Overrated but actually totally dumb af

I've had people tell me that i talk weird and that's why i get bullied.

If you could halve the human population by putting on a glove and clicking your fingers. Would you?

Maybe we shouldn't b joking this whole place could go up in a huge fireball