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1 Alan Walker

Diamond Heart flac

Alan Walker. 2018. Writer: Alan Walker;Sophia Somajo;Mood Melodies;James Njie;Thomas Troelsen;Kristoffer Haugan;Edvard Normann;Anders Froen;Gunnar Greve;Yann Bargain;Victor Verpillat;Fredrik Borch Olsen.
2 Sia

I'm Still Here flac

Sia. 2018. Writer: Sia.
3 Cardi B

Taki Taki flac

Cardi B. 2018. Writer: Bava;Juan Vasquez;Vicente Saavedra;Jordan Thorpe;DJ Snake;Ozuna;Cardi B;Selena Gomez.
4 Little Mix

Woman Like Me flac

Little Mix. 2018. Writer: Nicki Minaj;Steve Mac;Ed Sheeran;Jess Glynne.
5 Halsey

Without Me flac

Halsey. 2018. Writer: Halsey;Delacey;Louis Bell;Amy Allen;Justin Timberlake;Timbaland;Scott Storch.
6 Lady Gaga

I'll Never Love Again flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: Benjamin Rice;Lady Gaga.
7 Bradley Cooper

Shallow flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Andrew Wyatt;Anthony Rossomando;Mark Ronson;Lady Gaga.
8 Bradley Cooper

Always Remember Us This Way flac

Bradley Cooper. 2018. Writer: Lady Gaga;Dave Cobb.
9 Kelsea Ballerini

This Feeling flac

Kelsea Ballerini. 2018. Writer: Andrew Taggart;Alex Pall;Emily Warren.
10 Mako

Rise flac

Mako. 2018. Writer: Riot Music Team;Mako;Justin Tranter.
11 Dewain Whitmore

Burn Out flac

Dewain Whitmore. 2018. Writer: Dewain Whitmore;Ilsey Juber;Emilio Behr;Martijn Garritsen.
12 Avril Lavigne

Head Above Water flac

Avril Lavigne. 2018. Writer: Stephan Moccio;Travis Clark;Avril Lavigne.
13 Khalid

Better flac

Khalid. 2018. Writer: Charlie Handsome;Jamil Chammas;Denis Kosiak;Tor Erik Hermansen;Mikkel Stoleer Eriksen;Khalid.
14 Lady Gaga

Look What I Found flac

Lady Gaga. 2018. Writer: DJ White Shadow;Nick Monson;Mark Nilan Jr;Lady Gaga.
15 Deep Chills

Run Free flac

Deep Chills. 2018.
16 Dynoro

In My Mind flac

Dynoro. 2018. Writer: Georgi Kay;Feenixpawl;Ivan Gough.
17 Charli XCX

1999 flac

Charli XCX. 2018. Writer: Charli XCX;Troye Sivan;Leland;Oscar Holter;Noonie Bao.
18 NCT 127

Regular (English Version) flac

NCT 127. 2018.
19 Lukas Graham

Love Someone flac

Lukas Graham. 2018. Writer: Don Stefano;Morten "Rissi" Ristorp;Morten "Pilo" Pilegaard;Jaramye Daniels;James Alan;David LaBrel;Lukas Forchhammer Graham.
20 Rita Ora

Let You Love Me flac

Rita Ora. 2018. Writer: Rita Ora.

English iziqna

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Don't they realize that most of the mainstream is Democrats and she is a pop singer.

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In my opinion women cause they make less accidents and drive safer and less aggressive.

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"Naked Jehovah’s Witnesses who 'kidnapped their neighbours believed Armageddon was coming'" "Three people charged with kidnapping their neighbours while naked were Jehovah’s Witnesses who were convinced the end of the world was imminent, it has emerged. According to court document...

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