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Jawline, cheekbones etc. thanks a lot =)

Republicans vote Norway and Democrats vote to make America more like sh*thole countries like Haiti. How will this affect your voting in 2018?

Just for fun :D

She's one of my mum's friends. She's 36 and really good looking, she wears hair extensions and false eyelashes, got light brown/orange hair and brown eyes, she smiles a lot She's single i think. I see her a lot cos...

I'm 18 and trying to buy a 2007 dodge charger for $4k. I am expecting at least 1.5k back from my taxes in the next month or 2 but I want this car before it gets bought out. What store...

I just found out one of my tail light got a hole and cracked into. I know I didn't hit or backed into anything so it wasn't my own doing. Would insurance cover this if the cause is unknown?

I’m literally only joining to have my college paid for, I’m sick of student loans and being in debt from school. Can I achieve this through the guard or have to do active duty? I’ll do either as long as...

Is Tom Cruise a human being?

Mister Nescau 01/14/2018 at 20:44. 15 answers Entertainment & Music Polls & Surveys
He's so weird

In my mind I accidentally said I believe in shirk , have I commited shirk?

Are you English?

Anonymous 01/14/2018 at 20:39. 13 answers Entertainment & Music Polls & Surveys

Both have free health care, but the U.K's NHS (National Healthcare System) struggles to stay a float. Why?

The other day I was pulled over for going 20 km/h over the speed limit in a 70 km/h zone. Anyways, the police officer pulled me over and gave me a ticket. The fine was for 335$ which is what...

You can go into details if you would like.

I'm going to order some electronics from US Amazon. They are using standard US plug. I can't buy adapters for some reasons. Pls answer me.

I hate the holidays and January is supposed to be when the misery ends. Yet, I have neighbors that still have blinking Christmas lights and reindeer and Santa decorations and all that **** all over their lawn and lights at...

1. He's been sued for failing to rent to minorities which she settled out of court. 2. He questioned consistently Barack Obama's birth place 3. He ranted consistently about the Central Park five work verified as innocent. 4. He said...

A man in my son’s basketball league has been acting like this! There’s a married man who keeps staring at me, making suggestive comments, etc. Today, more happened. few days ago, not during practice, they had another event and his...

Can someone name one successful Black country?

Anonymous 01/14/2018 at 20:10. 9 answers
Blacks don't own the Hotels, Banks, Telecommunications, Infrastructure, Financial, Breweries, Transportation. This is true in the Caribbean, Africa, South, North, Central America.

Will I regret it once I’m older?

If you go to China, Indonesia, Africa, etc. you will realize that people all over the world preffer White people. Everywhere around the world they love White people. This prefference is universal, the fact that White people themselves also preffer...

And why?

Last week I could turn on and operate my computer fine. Now after I briefly unplugged it, I hear everything turn on but no display on the screen. What could be the problem?


When people like comment or share on your pictures. Does that make you feel happy? Do you feel said if your pictures and post go ignored?

I really like a user here a lot, should I tell them?

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I want my own car?

alexis 01/14/2018 at 19:43. 6 answers Cars & Transportation Buying & Selling
I’m 17 years old I do not have a job yet I am currently looking for one. I am not sure of that many places that will hire 17 year olds but I am about to be getting my license...

Other than cotton wool, thanks!

Me and some friends are thinking about buying a van for $500 and driving it up to nyc and ditching it. We were wondering if we could do this without buying a tag or insurance. Like if we bought the...