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So I’ve been working at Valvoline for about a year now And just recently we’ve been getting a lot of customers with a really bad metallic oil and leaks on these newer type vehicles and These customers will tell me...

-to be repatriated to places in Africa like Ghana just so that the elites will be rid of black Americans?

I need a way to get rid of my migraines

Now let me start off with before this year My husband held a full time job, where after our child was born he supported me for three years; until he has shoulder surgery and get a part time job. after...

So I wanted to be in charge of dinner this year and my family is for it because I love to cook. But I'm not very experienced with preparing food ahead of time or keeping it good for future use...

Men hate women?

Anonymous 07/16/2018 at 19:50. 19 answers Social Science Gender Studies

between 1920 and 1940 it was considered perfectly acceptable by the american public to sterilize people against their will for the good of the nation. one question though were they any centralized efforts to systematically sterilize blacks to reduce their population?

Sex after surgery?

Lucille 07/16/2018 at 18:35. 11 answers Health Men's Health

I have a double basin kitchen sink and for some reason even when there hasn't been a dish in it and the sink is completely for days I still get this awful smell every time I use the water in...

But I never moan. Why does this happen?

Britain's inherent qualities threatening desirable human and societal attributes (notice the word 'inherent'). These qualities being: 1) Maximum protection against internal threats (lack of political or cultural safeguards against subversive elements, lack of proper and rigid national (including...

What would happen if the Untied States did a full military invasion into Ukraine?

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 5 years...we had always talked about marriage but he hasnt propsed to me yet. I found out im pregnant so that really had me pushing towards marriage especially with my Christian...

Or at least tired to like, but couldn't? For those that think I'm been disrespectful? Don't read, because I'm just expressing myself. I HAVE to be in the mood to enjoy the traditional strong style of Japanese wrestling...even still, it's...

oven is about 20 years old now and the oven racks go through dishwasher on a regular basis

How is instant coffee made?

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Not how to make a cup or mug of coffee from instant powder or granules, but how do manufacturers turn coffee beans, or ground coffee into the instant variety?

I feel depressed now suicidal?

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Im 23 years old. Broke with no job. Been a depressed loner all my life nothin new. No matter how hard I try it's life destiny is designed for me to do nothin but fail. Nothing is real. Nobody's a...

Help with toilet training?

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Our puppy who we got at 9 1/2 weeks who is now 11 weeks understood to poo outside very fast and has only had a couple of accidents which were our fault. However he can’t seem to learn to pee...

Yeh so we tried period sex it still felt good he was moaning still it was our first time trying period we normally just wait ,but it going fine and then his mum and his sister xame home so he...

To make a long story short, i hit my wife several times over the course of two months. I had personal issues she wasnt aware of and it got worse when her parents got into a conflict with me etc....

KD's 6 foot 9 and 240 pounds, whereas Ibaka's an inch taller and is 236 pounds. Why does Ibaka look muscular and Durant so skinny then? Doesn't make sense.


Cheapest town to live in texas?

el gringo loco de san benito, tx 07/16/2018 at 04:52. 7 answers Travel United States


What is your favorite dog breed?

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For about 4-5 years, I have felt like I am being watched or read like I m on some sort of reality show. It s gotten to the point where I have to fake thoughts so they won t know...

Do you have a dog?

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I just bought a cast iron pan but I’m afraid to use it for health risks can it be harmful to cook on it