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English iziqna

hey so im like really smart and my parents have told me "your really smart "[FruiTea]. I want to drop out of school and pursue my youtube career (i already have 45 subscribers!!) I'm planning on doing vlogs like jake...

I have am autistic have depression and I self harm (I’m around 4-5 months clean) I am also homeschooled, my mom doesn’t let me have social media but a few months ago I secretly opened an Instagram account and made...

What's your favorite video game ending?

The Never Ending Journey today at 02:03. 5 answers Games & Recreation Video & Online Games

If so will more Republicans join him?

No homophobic comments please!

Back? I was hurt by a church in Alabama. I am a woman, straight, and white. They made me feel isolated as a teen because I wasn’t popular or as wealthy as some of the other kids. I even remember...

That should nauseate many

Is LGBQ a Birth Defect?

TruthHurts today at 01:33. 10 answers Society & Culture Cultures & Groups

New York Attorney General Letitia James' office issued subpoenas to Deutsche Bank and Investors Bank late Monday night as part of an inquiry into a set of major Trump Organization projects and Donald Trump's effort to purchase the NFL's Buffalo...

Just curious. I’ve been to England, Scotland, Whales, Czech Republic, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Morocco, Canada, Spain, Costa Rica, and Iceland.

Brain injury please help explain this to me can this heal on its own should I be very concerned ?

Someone told me you can speed through traffic on a freeway going 100mph on a freeway and it beats being ina rushhour traffic.

What do liberals smell like?

Sapolio today at 00:37. 12 answers Dining Out Argentina

I’m in college and I work at a coffee shop on campus. There is an older guy who comes in almost daily, and his stares make me uncomfortable. In the beginning of the semester, he would come in and always...

In high school, calculus is the most failed course on average. Why do so many students not do well in it? And why hasn’t anyone tried to change the curriculum so more students can understand calculus?

Is Jesus even real? Does he care ? What is some proof of the Bible?

I wasn’t driving the car , it was parked outside

Mine will be Alijah Jr

I come from a country called sweden. to a swede race and ethnicity are absolutely meaningless concepts with no value in anyway whatsoever. we swedes are able to see past skin color. how about you guys?

Would you wear chinos or something else with these boots?

Worldbydayandnight yesterday at 23:47. 7 answers
Honest feedback greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Why did the chicken take a dump in the road?

The 90 Year Old: Homeless, Unemployed, Virgin yesterday at 23:36. 4 answers Education & Reference Other - Education
because he was from San Foulcisco

I want to believe- I pray every single day. But I don't believe 100 percent. This isn't something I have control over. I can say I wholeheartedly believe a thousand times a day, but that doesn't make it true. I...

I watched for five minutes today and was flabbergasted at their alternative reality.