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Should I kill myself?

Janelle today at 07:40. 8 answers Family & Relationships Friends
I'm 17 and I've never had a real friend. I always have people to talk with and hang out with but they come and go so easily. I'm also gay and hate my body, and my parents attack me for...

How to stop dog chasing cat?

Serena today at 06:37. 4 answers Pets Cats
I have a 3 year old lab and a 3 year old cat. They are both outdoor and when they were younger they loved each other a lot. But when the Labrador started getting bigger she started to chase my...

Hes the only hope. Please do not vote Democratic. I am begging you. Who here doesnt throw up in their mouth a little remembering the Obummer administration. That is why we can never vote Democrat again.

I am a life long Christian and I’m starting to think it’s strange more Bible believers aren’t supporting child marriages. We don’t need big government dictating marriage or SJW getting triggered over the smallest thing.

How can individuals be so ignorant to support a political party that advocates totalitarianism and burning the constitution.

It happens a lot on here. Do you/they feel joy from it?

...was holding their baby not him like he claimed. Doesn't this show that any jerkoff can carry a gun - doesn't make them good people and if they are not good people it puts us all in danger?

...other than Dems don't discriminate between illegals with diseases and those without when it comes to putting Americans in harm's way?

Who's Avril Lavigne?

James today at 05:29. 4 answers Dining Out Indonesia
Everyone bullied me because I didn't know who that was. who was that? they really hurt me!

I am kind of Tan/Brownish, If I trick them to change my race to Black/African, by going to the welfare office wearing a curly wig and sagging pants, Will Thiss improve My Chances of becoming the Welfare Momma I've Always...

Something has become quite obvious to me. When religious people have answered my questions on religion they cannot do so without having some type of nasty dig at me. Either calling me thick or a troll or something of similar...

You know, instead of just the few seconds. Wouldn't being submerged underwater longer...say 7 minutes...bring us wonderful Christmas closer to Jesus.

Even Arnold Schawrznigger acts better than hi,

H/She claim Christian to be my friend at first was I thought we are friend but after a while he/she start insulting my appereance non stop but is an indirect way like saying I lookk like ghost and keep talking...

Hello I believe we were discussing shipping containers? What happens if a shipping container falls a ship? Does it float or sink? What factors determine that, is it the nature of the cargo for example? Lets say there are 3...

Allpenis big?

ziggy today at 04:19. 5 answers Sports Rugby
All of my team's rugby players have all more than 8.5" down there, yes, they get hard in shower so ive seen them. How is it possible there is not at least one smaller than 7" (my size) Im seriously...

You’re thinner than me not prettier hun :*

stupid question but im a new driver who just started driving on the highway, i just wanna start using cruise control

They call us satan lovers, accuse us of being immoral, say we can't be good without their imaginary god. Ironic since research says the opposite is true. Atheists Are Nicer to Christians Than Christians Are to Atheists, Says New Study...


Growing up, most of us were told by the adults in our lives that punishing us was necessary to teach us about consequences. However, arbitrary rules and punishments for the sake of teaching us a lesson models unrealistic circumstances and...

I want out its been a year. I have better things I could be doing it’s depressing asg

Hey, so I'm a 14 year old freshman, and I was going to buy an Air Force windbreaker because 1. it looks cool and 2. I might want to go into some branch of military. I had regrets about buying...

I am taking taekwondo, and I’d love to know what other types are most beneficial for self defense techniques.